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Back to Bank Street (Bank Street Stories)

Back to Bank Street (Bank Street Stories)

ISBN: 9781400340910
  • Author: St James
  • Condition: LikeNew
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Ozzy and Evie provide a sweet finale to the Bank Street Stories series with believable attraction, romance, and family values that is guaranteed to keep the pages turning.

Ozzy Abramson has made a name for himself as a photographer. His specialty is portraiture, and he builds beautiful scenes around the people he photographs. He has a gift for saying just the right things to get his subjects to look their best. Ozzy regularly works with famous actors, models, and musicians. He is extremely talented and easygoing, and that only serves to increase his popularity. He is obsessed with finding ways to make people look even better in photographs than they do in real life. But then he meets a woman who makes that task impossible.

Ozzy agrees to take some photos as a favor to a family friend and suddenly finds himself captivated by one of the subjects of the photo shoot, Evie Taylor. In an instant he realizes everything he has thought about beauty, perfection, and life has all changed. Ozzy and Evie will soon learn that love at first sight is more than just a clich�.

Back to Bank Street is the ninth and final book in the bestselling "Bank Street Stories" series.

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