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Bad Honey (The Hornet's Nest)

Bad Honey (The Hornet's Nest)

ISBN: 9781738913022
  • Author: Taylor
  • Condition: New
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Estella Miele is running.

Running from the death of her parents and twin brother.

She's sprinting and stumbling from the guilt that chases her over causing the accident.

A failed fastpitch star she tracks across the country she moves in with her best friend Zoey and tries to find peace by throwing herself into her studies. If she can keep her head down and finish her last year of school then she can separate the old Ella, and the new. But Harbor University has other plans for her. Silas Shore hires her as the medical team's intern and thrusts her into the world of Hornets baseball without hesitation.

Captain Arlo King is a legacy all-star pitcher with a bad attitude and a dark past. A tangled history with his brother threatens to unravel everything. But he sets his sights on winning it all; he doesn't have time to be anything but focused. His team is falling apart, and his championship slipping through his fingers.

When Ella barrels into his life he's unsure of how to stop her from unraveling everything he's ever known. She's sweet, caring and broken in ways he could never understand. Slowly his priorities shift, opening his eyes to something other than baseball and his tortured past.

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