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The Cold Moon Carnival

The Cold Moon Carnival

ISBN: 9781959396499
  • Author: Dooley
  • Condition: New
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A winter carnival.

A father's curse.

Dark magic ignites the final battle.

In the shadowed realm of Delgara, where the scars of the second dragon war still linger, a tale of courage, lineage, and ancient magic unfolds.

Haunted by his own fears and reluctant to confront the malevolent Asari sorcerers threatening elvendom, Osuaha, a Sraidahn elf, embarks on a perilous quest to save his kidnapped daughter, Maire. He must shatter the enchanted Stone Scrolls before their dark magic consumes everything. But as the land of Delgara succumbs to darkness, Osuah discovers an unexpected connection to the Asari that threatens his mission and the safe return of his daughter.

Set five hundred years after the second dragon war, Osuah's journey is intertwined with the destinies of Isayah, his twin sister, and their courageous companions.

​​​​​​​"The Cold Moon Carnival" is the exciting conclusion to SL Dooley's fantasy duology that started with the 2023 release of "The Summertime Circus." The tales blend magic, adventure, and familial bonds in a race against time. As the characters confront their deepest fears and the looming darkness, readers will be transported to a world where the fate of elvendom hangs in the balance, and the echoes of a winter wedding herald a new era of hope and renewal.

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